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Assistant Sales & Marketing Manager(Chennai) ID:10478

Job Categories
Position Assistant Sales & Marketing Manager(Chennai)
Job Description To contact customers who are users of Steel/Non Ferrous/Paper/Lubricants and generate suitable enquiries.
To convert those enquiries in to potential orders. Collection of payments, timely follow up and gathering market intelligence will be part of routine works.
Required Qualifications 【Must】
Male Candidate below 35 years / Work Experience more than 7years
- Graduation from Engineering related
- Sales Experience in Trading company around 5 years to Understand Trading company
- Experience work with Southern Region.

- Sales for Steel / non Ferrous metals including Aluminium / Brass / Copper/Lead
- Knowledge of documentation including FLC foreign LC and Local Tax structure(for sales)
Location Chennai

Sr. Executive-Legal ID:10522

Job Categories
Position Sr. Executive-Legal
Job Description - Labour Law knowledge
- Drafting Skills
- Proficient in corporate law(Winding up, Merger & acquisition)
- Handling Commercial Property related matter.
- Reviewing HR Policy.
- Appeared before labour court and Company tribunal.
- Ensuring compliance with requested service contracts with ability to spot and suggest concrete contract changes
based on customers other contracts or general industry benchmarks or practices.
- Note: Travelling to Bangalore
Required Qualifications -Should be LLB.
-Should have Experience 4-6 yrs
-should have handled Corporate law in company or consulting firm.
Location Chennai

Assistant Manager-Finance consultant( Chennai) ID:10282

Job Categories Full Set,Financial Accounting,Managemnet Accounting,Accounting support,Audit,Treasury,Tax/GST,Partial of full set (AP, AR, Bookkeeping),Other,Account/Audit
Position Assistant Manager-Finance consultant( Chennai)
Job Description The person will be responsible for the following responsibilities:

1. Tax Planning and Consulting.
» Taxation services
» Tax planning and consulting
» Cross border transactions
» Tax compliance
» Structured Tax
» Tax due diligence
» Business support services
2. Taxation Services.
» Withholding tax
» Value added tax
» Transfer pricing
» Advanced Pricing Arrangement (APA)
» Double Taxation Agreements
Assistance on tax compliance issues, such as:
» Corporate tax returns
» Monthly VAT (value added tax) and withholding tax returns
» Personal income tax for expatriates
» Special business tax
» Stamp duty
3. Indirect taxes
» Information on rules, rates, and jurisprudence
» Indirect tax strategies that manage the impact of these taxes on the company's financials, risk portfolio and organization.
» Setting up, automating and digitizing indirect tax compliance processes.
» Support with indirect tax inspections and litigation.
» Monitoring of policy developments.
Required Qualifications 【Must】
- Only male , around 30 years old
- Cualified CA.
- Experience 5 years and above.
- CA firm experience
- Should have a good knowledge in Direct Tax, Indirect Tax & Audit
Location Chennai

製品・品質管理【現地アパレルメーカー】 ID:10437

Job Categories
Position 製品・品質管理【現地アパレルメーカー】
Job Description 日本と多くの取引実績を持つインドアパレルメーカーで、製品・品質管理、コーディネーターとしてのお仕事です。
- 品質チェック、テストなど管理業務
- 製品、品質についての社内レポート
- 日本のバイヤーとの納期調整、交渉
- プロジェクトの進捗管理、クライアントへのレポート
Required Qualifications - 品質管理としての経験がある方
- 英語日常会話レベル以上
- アパレル、服関係業界経験のある方歓迎

Location Chennai

Japanese Interpreter ID:10244

Job Categories Sales(B to B),Sales(B to C),Other(Sales),Sales
Position Japanese Interpreter
Job Description The main task will be to serve and show your hospitality to those people who have been injured or ill in India. and the main work is as follows.
・Patient Response
Telephone correspondence, reservation adjustment, attendance at hospital, simple interpretation
・Procedure work
Correspondence of document procedures with insurance companies such as cashless service
-Directly reporting to the Managing Director.
Required Qualifications ・0-6 years of experience.
・JP skill (N2/N3 level)
・Fluent In English
・Sales experience
・Experience of medical field.
・Experience in Hospitality/Service Industry
Location Chennai

生産管理アシスタント(事務) ID:10285

Job Categories Other,Other
Position 生産管理アシスタント(事務)
Job Description ・業務内容

Required Qualifications ・未経験者歓迎
・基本的なPCスキル(Word, Excel, Power Point)
Location Chennai

Sales Executive ID:10382

Job Categories Sales(B to B),Sales
Position Sales Executive
Job Description New Position in Chennai office, Company expand business for Korean client
Product is Resin Material , Client is automotive manufacturing company
- Mainly Support for existing client
- Report to Japanese Sales Manager
- Visit client and follow up and check our product
- To get new business , promote company product
- Go to oversea to visit mainly Thailand and China
Required Qualifications 【Must】
- BtoB sales experience
- Speak Korean(external) and good English(internal)
- Experience related resin

- Experience related in molding
Location Chennai

Agriculture Construction Management Specialist. ID:10367

Job Categories Other,Other
Position Agriculture Construction Management Specialist.
Job Description Work experience in overseas 3 years or more.
10 years of tender documents / bid evaluation / irrigation project planning / design. Construction support or similar experience, South Asia (preferably India).
Experience in engaging in irrigation projects, Japan's ODA project experience over 5 years.
Required Qualifications 13 years and above
Location Gurgaon,Bangalore,Manesar,Pune,Delhi,Mumbai,Bawal,Chennai,Korkata,Neemrana,Noida,Biwadhi,Faridabard,Rotak,Others,Oversea

Team Leader ID:10366

Job Categories Other,Other
Position Team Leader
Job Description Experience working overseas for over 3 years.
Work experience of more than 15 years in Agriculture project.
Experience of more than 2 Agriculture projects as Team Leader / Co-Team Leader, 2 cases in South Asia (preferably India).
Experience engaged in the above irrigation projects, experience engaged in financing aid funded by international donor agencies (World Bank, JICA, ADB etc)
For more than 10 years (of which 5 years has been Japan's experience of ODA project)

It will be employed as a contract employee.
Required Qualifications 15 years and above
Location Gurgaon,Bangalore,Manesar,Pune,Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai,Korkata,Neemrana,Noida,Biwadhi,Rotak,Dubai,Others,Oversea

Agriculture and management experts ID:10369

Job Categories
Position Agriculture and management experts
Job Description Work experience in a foreign country * of 3 years or more
※ The above, "foreign country" refers to a country other than your own nationality.
Years of similar work experience: see above. It is desirable to have experience in developing countries.
Required Qualifications 13 years and above
Location Gurgaon,Bangalore,Manesar,Pune,Delhi,Mumbai,Bawal,Chennai,Neemrana,Noida,Biwadhi,Rotak,Dubai,Others

セールススタッフ ID:10058

Job Categories Sales(B to B),Sales
Position セールススタッフ
Job Description インドに進出している各日系企業向けに、同社のサービスを拡販活動を担っていただきます。
・警備保障、警備員派遣、付随する警備機器、掃除員派遣 等

Required Qualifications ■社会人経験
Location Gurgaon,Chennai

大手旅行代理店ゲストサポート ID:10169

Job Categories Customer service,Service Industry/Restaurant
Position 大手旅行代理店ゲストサポート
Job Description ■法人向け、サービス内容の拡販業務
■各種企業、個人向けの旅券手配 等
■ツアー中におけるゲストの対応、トラブル処理 等
■各種ツアーにおける料金確認 等
Required Qualifications ■基礎的なITリテラシー(Office, Powerpoint, Excel 等)
Location Chennai

Associate ID:10099

Job Categories IT Systems Consultant,Strategy/Management Consultant,Finance/Financial Consultant,HR/Organization Consultant,Consultant(Other),Legal Counsel/Consultant,Law,Consulting
Position Associate
Job Description インド進出・進出検討の日系企業に対して、ニーズを確認し、各社にあったカスタマイズサービスを構築していただきます。

■監査(国際会計基準、US GAAP、IFRS 等)
■税務(法人税、個人所得税、移転価格税、トランザクション税、間接税 等)
■トランザクション・アドバイザリー(リード、評価、規制・税務サポート 等)
■ビジネス・アドバイザリー(進出戦略・フィージビリティ調査、構造改革 等)
■リスク・アドバイザリー(内部監査、ITリスク、不正リスク、財務リスク 等)
■会社設立サポート(会社設立、登記、各種税務登録手続き 等)
Required Qualifications ■ 英語ビジネスレベル
Location Gurgaon,Bangalore,Chennai

セールス ID:10053

Job Categories
Position セールス
Job Description ■同社物流サービスのセールススタッフとして、下記業務をご担当いただきます。


Required Qualifications ■営業経験者優遇
Location Bangalore,Delhi,Chennai

Associate - DT Corporate tax ID:10054

Job Categories
Position Associate - DT Corporate tax
Job Description ■日系顧客の新規開拓、関係構築
■ 日本人と会議の際の通訳業務
Required Qualifications ■社会人経験
■ 英語での意思疎通が堪能な方
Location Bangalore,Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai

All15 (1〜15 )