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Job Categories
Job Description Job description

· Responsible for working as part of a team to support the Inside Sales Representatives/ Account Executives in prospecting and building a pipeline of qualified leads to meet business plans, quotas, and company objectives.

· The primary focus of this role is to provide support so the sales teams and other departments to operate effectively on a day to day basis.

· Cold call in order to obtain key information from targeted prospects to meet the qualified lead criteria.

· Research and target prospects using a variety of sales tools.

· Schedule and plan meetings and appointments, Managing filing system.

· Liaison between company and vendors in the forms of manuals, emails and forms for completion and to effectively communicate with the vendors & internal staff.

· Take over the work whenever required to visit the clients, in absence of authorised person.

· Taking care of the back office work like documents maintenance etc

· Being the petty cash holder at office, keeping a strong record of all spend & submitting the same immediately after the event with required documents & bills.

· Maintains supplies by checking stock to determine inventory levels; anticipating requirements; placing and expediting orders; verifying receipt; stocking items; delivering supplies to work stations.

More than that, you are someone who believes life has larger plans for you and you need someone, something, an opportunity, and a platform to launch yourself. While you work with us to give wings to our ideas, the team will work with you to create for you what you wish to!
Required Qualifications Well organised, efficient and flexible

· Able to cope with many tasks at once and work to tight schedules

· Have project management and problem solving skills

· Proficient in MS Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint

· Excellent communication, interpersonal skills and presentation skills

· Ability to manage time effectively

· Self-starter and goal oriented
· Able to work in an entrepreneurial environment
· High energy, positive attitude
· Ability to work individually and as part of a team.
Location Mumbai

Sales Assist / Manager (Mumbai) ID:10825

Job Categories
Position Sales Assist / Manager (Mumbai)
Job Description ■Expanding Position / Report to Japanese Manager
- Business Development in Chemical field
- Focus on import and export business of Chemical
- Negotiation with client
- Prepare sales documents and report for client
Required Qualifications ■26 to 33 years old experience around 5 to 10 years
- Experience as BtoB Sales in Chemical field
- Experience for Business Development, Negotiation , visit client
※Important is Any Chemical field experience and Skill for Sales

- Understand Japanese company
Location Mumbai

Deputy General Manager - Risk Management (Mumbai) ID:10756

Job Categories
Position Deputy General Manager - Risk Management (Mumbai)
Job Description ■Expanding / Report to MD , GM / Manage all branch Delhi, Chennai , Kolkata
Company expanding business , they need to manage more about transaction with client.

- Analyse business & financial data.
- Develop risk policies and procedures according to company regulations.
- Evaluate business processes to identify risks levels.
- Assist in risk analysis and management activities of business systems
- Review and recommend improvements to risk modelling techniques
- Advise others business dept on business or operational matters.
- Develop or implement risk-assessment models or methodologies.
- Gather risk-related data from internal or external resources.
- Assess risks to business operations.
- Meet with clients to answer queries on subjects such as risk exposure, market scenarios, or values-at-risk calculations.
- Document, and ensure communication of, key risks.
- Communicating with the outside law consultants on Overdue receivable & monitoring.
- Gathering information & Advising on the investment related matter
Required Qualifications ■35 to 45 years old experience around 15 years
- Experience in
1)Credit management in a banking sector , risk management , finance , Transaction
2)Trading company as Risk Management

- Set up credit management , risk management department
Location Mumbai

Assistant Sales Manager(Mumbai) ID:10543

Job Categories Sales(B to B),Sales
Position Assistant Sales Manager(Mumbai)
Job Description ■Report to Regional Manager / Business development in Mumbai area
- New client 50% and Existing client 50%
- To get new business , Visit new client , understand client needs , promote service
- Follow up existing client , Answer inquiry
- Prepare sales documents and estimate
Required Qualifications 【Must】
- 4 to 10 years experience
- BtoB business experience
- Experience in Finance related (banking , Insurance)
- English and the local language
Location Mumbai

経営サポート ID:10655

Job Categories Sales coordinator/Admin/Receptionist/Secretary,Custmer support/service,Managemnet Accounting,Interpreter/Translator,Accounting support,Import & Export,Audit,Purchase/Procurement,General affair,Treasury,Legal/Patent,Tax/GST,Partial of full set (AP, AR, Bookkeeping),Business/Corporate Planning,Public Relations/IR,Advertisemnet/Promotion,Product Development/Marketing,Product Management/Vendor/Purchasing/Logistics,Business Administration & Management,Account/Audit,Other(Business Administration & Management)
Position 経営サポート
Job Description

Required Qualifications ・ビジネスで使用できるレベルの英語力
Location Mumbai

Business Development ID:10621

Job Categories Sales(B to B),Sales(B to C),Other(Sales),Sales
Position Business Development
Job Description 同社ジャパンデスクの日本人スタッフとして、主に日系企業との対応窓口として活躍いただくポジションです。


Required Qualifications ■バイタリティに溢れている方
Location Gurgaon,Mumbai

Sales Representative ID:10495

Job Categories Sales(B to B),Other(Sales),Sales
Position Sales Representative
Job Description 【Background of this hiring】
As the business is growing up steadily, they want to hire additional sales staff.

【Current human stracture of sales team】
Mumubai head office
Japanese sale, marketing Deputy General Manager
※This position has to report to him.

They have a distributor office in Hyderabard、Sales HQ in Gurgaon.

【Job Description】
・To develop new business especially for laboratory or factory where is analyze the 
content of agricultural chemicals on the basis of safety standard.

・To research appropriate high potential market with acquisition of market trend, customer demand.

・To have business trip for distributor in one third or half of month
in order to confirm current sales situation and maximize the sales target.

・To do the analysis of sales figure and incorporate the countermeasure for the improvement.

※They are looking for the person who is able to comprehend market , catch up latest trend infomation and to consider in the view of client.

Required Qualifications ※Key Word
FSSAI (Certificate Authority of Safety standards of food)
GC,GCMS anlysis
Analysis equipment
Food industry
Thermo Scientific

To have experienced handling analysis equipment , devices.
To have approached QA/QC laboratory

have relationship with raboratory analysis manager.

Human Skill
1. To be honest and hamble.
2. To comprehend the information and standing position in the market.
3. To have communication and speaking ability.
4. To keep promise severely
Location Mumbai

corporate sales manager(tentative) ID:10492

Job Categories Sales(B to B),Other(Sales),Sales
Position corporate sales manager(tentative)
Job Description 【Background of this hiring】
They are planning to expand business futhermore especially for B to B sales( coorporate Sales)
then, they are looking for the manager person who can develop and expand and manage coorporate business.
After hiring this position, they will hire approx 5 sales people in additional.

For those reason, this manager person will be able to join at expanding phase
and manage and train , educate new sales staff.

【Current human stracture of sales team】
Mumubai head office
Indian Sales General manager (late 40's )
※This position has to report to him.

They have sales office in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune,Korkata

【Job Description】
・To develop new coorporate business according to the market circumstance such as
Financial, banking and logistics sector in Mumbai, healthcare , education sector in Delhi,
IT sector in Bangalore etc...

・To manage approx 10 sales staff who is located in various sales staff.
Giving properly direction against approach company, prospect and trainning and education.

・To have business trip for every sales branch in one third or half of month
in order to confirm current sales situation and imprement improvement.
This candidate has to coverage pan india level.

・To do the analysis of sales figure and incorporate the countermeasure for the improvement.

※They are looking for the person who is able to be considerate of client’s feelings with bringging of his personality ,hospitality, customer first ,service mind.(This means that they are not looking for the candidate who is only able to make accomplishment for the target. They needs the one who can have long terms relationship with client)

Required Qualifications

※Key Word
corporate sales,

corporate sales experience
and Prefer ,,,

Location Mumbai

Agriculture and management experts ID:10369

Job Categories
Position Agriculture and management experts
Job Description Work experience in a foreign country * of 3 years or more
※ The above, "foreign country" refers to a country other than your own nationality.
Years of similar work experience: see above. It is desirable to have experience in developing countries.
Required Qualifications 13 years and above
Location Gurgaon,Bangalore,Manesar,Pune,Delhi,Mumbai,Bawal,Chennai,Neemrana,Noida,Biwadhi,Rotak,Dubai,Others

ITソリューションサービスセールスマーケティング ID:10201

Job Categories Sales(B to B),Sales(B to C),Other(Sales),Sales
Position ITソリューションサービスセールスマーケティング
Job Description 事業急拡大フェーズにあたり、セールスマーケティングスタッフを募集されております。


Required Qualifications ・バイタリティーがあり、コミュニケーション力が高い方
Location Mumbai

【4大会計ファームの一角】コーディネーター、アドミン ID:10254

Job Categories Sales coordinator/Admin/Receptionist/Secretary,Business Administration & Management
Position 【4大会計ファームの一角】コーディネーター、アドミン
Job Description ■コンサルタント、会計士、専門家との橋渡し業務
■ 日本人と会議の際の通訳業務
Required Qualifications ■社会人経験
■ 英語での意思疎通が堪能な方
Location Gurgaon,Mumbai

クライアントサービス ID:10040

Job Categories Custmer support/service,Interpreter/Translator,Product Development/Marketing,Business Administration & Management,Other(Business Administration & Management)
Position クライアントサービス
Job Description ■顧客からの問い合わせ対応
Required Qualifications ■セールス、顧客対応の経験(最低1年以上)
Location Mumbai

ジャパンデスク ID:10108

Job Categories IT Systems Consultant,Strategy/Management Consultant,Finance/Financial Consultant,HR/Organization Consultant,Consultant(Other),Legal Counsel/Consultant,Law,Consulting
Position ジャパンデスク
Job Description ■同社の提供する会計・法律関係におけるサービスの拡販業務

Required Qualifications ■弁護士資格保持者もしくは法学部卒業者
Location Gurgaon,Bangalore,Delhi,Mumbai

海外在住者の暮らしをサポートする店舗マネージャー ID:10155

Job Categories Store Development,Store/Sales Staff Manager,Customer service,Floor manager,Other(Restaurant),Other(Sales/Service Industry),Service Industry/Restaurant
Position 海外在住者の暮らしをサポートする店舗マネージャー
Job Description 日系医療クリニックの責任者候補として、下記業務を遂行していただきます。



Required Qualifications ■英語力日常会話レベル以上
Location Gurgaon,Bangalore,Mumbai

家庭用・業務用計量器のマーケティングポジション! ID:10097

Job Categories Product Development/Marketing,Business Administration & Management
Position 家庭用・業務用計量器のマーケティングポジション!
Job Description ■新、現市場の開拓及び企画推進支援、ネット販売などマネージャーと方針決め、推進及び支援
Required Qualifications ・英語ビジネスレベル
販売体制強化のため、商品の輸入から販売・マーケティングのサポート(モールなどのモダン市場への販売や代理店を用いたトラディショナル市場、医療・フィットネス、美容、学校などのB to B市場が対象)、計器に関する規格(輸入、販売、登録申請等に関して)、会社法、財務等々に幅広く詳しいまたは調査出来る能力のある方をアドバイザーとして検討しております。
Location Mumbai

Associate - DT Corporate tax ID:10054

Job Categories
Position Associate - DT Corporate tax
Job Description ■日系顧客の新規開拓、関係構築
■ 日本人と会議の際の通訳業務
Required Qualifications ■社会人経験
■ 英語での意思疎通が堪能な方
Location Bangalore,Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai

All16 (1〜16 )